Thursday, October 20, 2005

US Soldiers Accused of Burning Taleban Fighters' Corpses

BBC NEWS Article
It's tough to be America.
Assume for a minute that this report is true and that US soldiers did indeed desecrate the corpses of these Taleban fighters. Just assume it is true.
A person should be outraged at such an act as it breaks all the rules of conflict.
But, my oh my, where is similar outrage at Muslim radicals who swoop innocent female civilian aid workers off the street and proceed to slit their throats on video!
I am not a pundit or brilliant social commentator, but one cannot help but notice that the US gets way more public "spankings" (at least in MSM) than anybody else. The tone and rhetoric reserved for the most powerful nation in the world is unbelievable.
Of course, I am NOT condoning the actions of these soldiers. They are repugnant! But so is a lot of other stuff done in the world and we ought to see the same level of condemnation for that.


  1. Thanks for the link, much appreciated. I agree with what you said. As repulsive the soldiers' actions are, it's almost as repulsive to read the media's brutalizing of American troops in the Middle East.
    Bloggers unite!

  2. I hope this turns out to be as inaccurate as the rumor of flushing the Koran down the toilet did.

  3. Wow. That felt good. Thanks for saying that Kerux.
    It gets to where I start to feel guilty for just being an American some days, if I pay too much attention to the media. Everything is a one-way street.

    You caught me off guard by implying that what's wrong is wrong, no matter who's doing it. That's the kind of thinking that'll get you in trouble with the political-correctness police.

  4. This is just another example of the intolerance of tolerance.

  5. Anonymous,
    Sorry, like I said in the post, I am "not a brilliant social commentator." So, I am not following... what is "another example" of what?

  6. Sorry i was referring to a lecture by Carson called "The Intolerance of Tolerance"

  7. Thanks Anonymous!
    I am currently downloading and can't wait to listen!
    Appreciate you getting back to me on this! I think I get it now!
    Slow on the uptake,