Monday, October 10, 2005

The Twin Towers of Faith!

The Twins Speak!
For regular readers of this blog, you will recognize the names Twin#1 and Twin#2 (not to be confused with B1 and B2 of "Banana's in Pajamas" fame).
The boys have launched into the blogosphere with a site providing a wealth of good quotes and information. Knowing the "T's" personally, I am excited to see how the Lord uses them and their new blog!
Take a quick peak!!

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  1. Thanks so much Pastor Paul :-) Twin #1 and #2 are really excited about launching into the blogsphere. In reading quite a number of books, we have come across some great quotes etc and have been edified by them and thought we would share them with others, in order to have them know Christ better and to desire Him above all. On another note, Thanks for not getting us confused with the banana's in pajama's, although we have been known to eat banana's in pajamas, and perhaps resemble them in some lighting conditions, it is good to know you can tell us apart :-) God Bless, keep looking to Christ!!