Monday, October 10, 2005

BreakPoint | A Really Big Deal

Colson on Comparative DNA Testing
This is an interesting little piece, but what really caught my eye was this statement near the end: "the difference a single gene can make."

I can testify to that!

One inverted gene on my son's 14th chromosome has permanently altered who he would otherwise be. 20 million gene distinctions between man and chimpanzee may not sound like much when you consider the far greater number of genetic similarities... but all it takes is one tiny gene on one microscopic chromosome* to make a world of difference.

We are so dependent on the Creator!

For more on Williams' Syndrome, go here.

*Williams syndrome is the result of a deletion of the 7q11.23 region of chromosome #7 containing the elastin gene and is believed to be a contiguous gene syndrome.

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  1. I am so glad and give thanks to God that He is sovereign and in control! I am thanksful that we can depend on God and that He works all things together for good for those who love Him who are call according to His purpose. It is amazing when you look at the vast difference between various cultures and people groups and individuals! Yet to those who are Christs' it is mind boggling yet true to know what we were fore-loved and that God chose us for Himself and we are part of His family. We are adopted as sons and daughters into His kingdom! What a glorious thought! I love fellowshiping with the saints of God and give thanks to God that we are all different yet labour together for one purpose. Glory be to God for all He has done!