Sunday, June 24, 2012

Double Standards in Ontario Concerning Abortion

The National Post has an excellent opinion piece noting the hypocritical actions of the Crown in persecuting those who voice an opinion against abortion.  The legal issues in the case against Linda Gibbons are complicated, but not more so than many other cases. Somehow, our government seems to have lots of time and resources to keep pounding away at this.

Parade naked in Toronto. Shout at a woman wearing fur. Acceptable.

Stand quietly with information about abortion within 60 feet of an abortion clinic. A crime.


  1. Abortion is the sin of murder and should be a capital crime. The Doctors who kill babies should be hung.


  2. So it's OK to kill adults? Do you not find anything... incongruous? in your statement? Protect fetuses but not those who have been born?

  3. What is utterly unacceptable is the notion that anyone else has the right to control women's bodies.

  4. Jill,
    Your logic is terribly flawed. The answer is not more death, it is more life!
    The reality is we all deserve death because of our sin, but Christ died in our place if we have faith in Him. I hope you repent and put your trust in Him.

  5. Anonymous -
    I generally don't reply to comments, especially comments left without a name, but your logic is also terribly flawed!
    Why does a woman have a right over her body and a child in the womb does not have a right over his body? Both deserve to live!