Friday, May 21, 2010

Interviewing Mike Bullmore - Toronto Pastors Conference

This year's keynote speaker at Toronto Pastors Conference is Pastor Mike Bullmore. I met Mike last year and was blessed to sit under his preaching ministry. Right away, I knew this was the man we needed to hear more from.

So, when Mike was providentially in Ontario last month, I promised him dinner if he would answer a few of my questions! I thought this would make a great way for you to get to know him.

I will be posting the videos over the next few days. Please note, this ain't Hollywood. In fact, we have been plagued by not a few technical issues. But, the content of Mike's answers is what matters most and what I want you to hear (and mostly see).

In this first post, Mike is answering my question about how the Gospel should connect to our preaching.

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