Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Only Three Days Left! (for early bird registration)

I just realized this morning that you only have THREE days left to register for the Toronto Pastors Conference and still get the early bird discount!

Why a discount for early registration?  Well, if you have ever tried to plan a conference like this you will know that getting an accurate fix on numbers profoundly helps planning and keeps costs lower.  One of our aims is to keep TPC accessible to all and that means keeping the cost to a bare minimum, especially for those pastors that don't have a big conference line item in their budget.

So, I would urge you to think of early registration not just as a way to save some coin for you and your church (if they are paying), but also as a way to serve those brothers for whom the difference of $50 is a make it or break it deal when it comes to attendance.  If you register early, you save us money (since we can plan better), and that keeps costs down.

By the by, I did arrange to get a great new book for free from a certain publisher while I was at T4G.  The first one hundred registrants will be walking home with a good addition to their library!

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