Saturday, August 08, 2009

Mark Webb and Mike Bullmore sermons available for free download.

One of my true joys this summer was preaching at the Fort William Summer Bible Conference in Thunder Bay, Ontario. I was eager to see the work of God in that part of my country and desirous of getting to know more of the saints from the north.

The preaching at the conference by Mike Bullmore and Mark Webb was of the highest calibre. Mark’s last two messages from Galatians were of special notice as he clarified a couple of passages that always stumped me. And Mike brought a wonderful series calling on all to look to the one true refuge: God. If Mark’s strength in preaching is his penchant for captivating illustrations, Mike’s strength is the pithy phrase. The combination over 3 days was rich instruction!

I just checked and you can download these messages (I think for a limited time) from here. I highly commend them!

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