Saturday, August 08, 2009

The Cowboy reviews Planting Missional Churches

Cowboyology: Rain, Rain, Go Away So I Can Finish My Book

I always appreciate the even-handed and thoughtful treatment my friend Clint gives to things. This review of Stetzer's "Planting Missional Churches" is no exception.

This book, Planting Missional Churches, is the kind of manual that would have been helpful for me to be exposed to in seminary. It offers practical advice about how to proceed in all of the logical necessities of church planting. Financial controls, child care set up, and facility usage are shown to be the regular residue under the church planter's fingernails. Stetzer provides guidance in these wisdom issues that keeps a weary planter from the burden to re-invent everything from taking the offering to taking out the trash.

But I'm also glad that I wasn't exposed to it in seminary. The mass of information on methodology, practicalities and do's and don'ts of church planting can easily give a distorted picture. A green seminary student could easily think that the weight of church planting is bound up in these things, and not in clear, gospel priorities.

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