Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Pastor, Remember the Spiritual Disciplines: Past Practice, Present Imperative

SermonAudio.com - TPF - Pastor, Remember the Spiritual Disciplines: Past Practice, Present Imperative

We were delighted to sit under the ministry of Dr. Michael Haykin yesterday at the Toronto Pastors Fellowship. Michael gave a wonderful presentation on early Baptist spirituality and filled the time with numerous examples and observations of how men of old developed depth in their relationship with the Almighty. In an age that runs to labyrinths and coffee houses to "find God," it was wonderfully refreshing to hear a renowned scholar promote those time-tested spiritual disciplines like the public reading of Scripture and prayer. Some of his conclusions might even shock you.

If you follow the link you can download the entire audio from the day, including the discussion period which followed. You can also download a pdf version of the paper. What a great resource!

A huge thanks again to all those volunteers brewing coffee, setting up, handing out copies, running the registration desk and all that. You folks are awesome!


  1. Great stuff, Paul. I have listened to both sessions and took notes.

    I was particularly interested from Monday's session (as was one questioner) on Dr. Haykin's exhortation to heighten the idea of God's presence at the Lord's Supper. Definitely thought provoking, and got me to thinking what that would actually look like as we practice the Lord's Supper in our services.

    Anyhow, the talk created in me more of a respect for church history (to say nothing of the fact that it got my baptistic juices flowing).

  2. Thanks for letting us know these audio files serve some purpose, Dan. Now, don't you think it is time you moved back to the heart of the country!? ;-)