Sunday, May 25, 2008

Skydiver plans to fall from space into Saskatchewan

Skydiver plans to fall from space into Canadian prairies...:

64-year-old Michel Fournier plans to exit his air balloon at a world-record altitude of 130,000 feet -- and jump.


UPDATE 5/27: So much for THAT! Video link here.

French adventurer Michel Fournier's quest to set a world skydiving record may have come to an end after his $200,000 helium balloon escaped and floated into space without him attached on Tuesday.

HOW MANY TIMES have I told you kids to tie the balloon string in a knot around your finger!!!!


  1. If I didn't know better I'd say you sound a little bit jealous!

  2. The most amazing part to me is that of all places in the world, he chose to fall on Canada.

  3. challies -
    Well at least it would be faster than the Brasillia 300 I just flew on!

  4. derifter -

    I have nothing to say.

  5. Ev and I jumped from 3,500 feet. Doesn't sound nearly as impressive.

    I remember reading about the first couple of attempts (years ago) to do this sort of jump. One man was killed when his suit was torn, but second guy (who survived) became the first man to exceed the speed of sound unassisted.