Thursday, December 06, 2007

Worship in Song Conference - March 1, 2008

Every once in a while we have folks asking us about how and why we sing the way we do at Grace Fellowship Church. This is actually something we have thought a lot about and worked very hard at developing; in fact, it is an ongoing project for us!

As churches think about how to sing in a Gospel-centered and culturally-relevant way, they are faced with a whole string of questions. My experience has been that most people answer those questions out of their preferences rather than the objective Truth of Scripture.

I teach a course on Worship at Toronto Baptist Seminary and it is always exciting to see my students wrestle with what the Bible actually has to say on the subject. We had the idea not long ago to provide the church-at-large with the brunt of this material in a very practical one day conference. We are calling it (quite originally!) "Worship in Song Conference."

The day will include workshops for everyone from keyboardists to sound guys to service planners and we also hope to model (as best as we can) the principles in action with 4 times of worship in song. I plan to give three messages: Why we sing, what we should sing (how to find and choose songs) and how to lead corporate worship singing.

The whole thing is going to take place, Lord willing, on Saturday, March 1, 2008 here in Toronto and we invite you to reserve that date now. Registration will open soon and be open to the first100 registrants only – we want to keep this as practical and as personal as possible. Stay tuned here and to our church website for details!


  1. I would assume that the date is March 1, 2008?

  2. Can I ask what exactly is different about "the way [you] do at Grace Fellowship Church"?

    Were I to consider this seminar, what might I hear that is different from the normal worship conferences that are so prevalent?

  3. solomonswish -
    Thanks for pointing out the incorrect year! Oops! It is fixed in the original post now.

    mrpages -
    That is a great question. I think I will try to answer it in some upcoming posts. We certainly do NOT have a corner on the market - I would hate to give that impression! Lots and lots of folks do things better than us!! Yet, I do think what we aim for in our singing at GFC week by week is pretty different than a lot of other churches - this idea being based on my own travels and what others who have come to us tell me.

  4. Hi Paul,

    Knowing you, I know this will be a great conference. I recommend that anyone who can attend this conference. Wish I could.


  5. I hope you will have audio of the conference available. This is very exciting! May the Lord bless your efforts.

    Jeri Tanner