Tuesday, December 11, 2007

My Favourite Ornament

Last night we pulled the Christmas boxes out of storage so the young ‘uns could decorate the little trees in their rooms. As my boy carefully unwrapped his decorations, he came across one rather plain and homey ball, not the nicest of ornaments by far... yet the most meaningful to me.

Six years ago Will was in an intensive care room at the Hospital for Sick Children in downtown Toronto. He had contracted RSV (Respiratory Syncytial Virus) and this would be one of his worst days. Unable to breathe on his own for nearly a week now, his condition was worsening with only a small area of one lung able to process a portion of the oxygen being forced into him through a ventilator. We spent the better part of the day wondering if every Christmas to follow would be a memory of losing our son.

That was a long and sad day. But a lovely nurse at the hospital had brought in a few little ornaments and hung them on his hospital bed. And they stayed up there, dangling on the side bars, getting banged and dropped until Will left that bed and that hospital – a healthy little boy.

n the kindness of His providence God spared the boy and yesterday we went man-shopping at Princess Auto! What a blast to have him running down the aisles, grabbing some big tool, and saying in his loud voice, “Whoa! Dad! Look at this!!! WHAT IS IT?!?!”

That little red ornament represents 6 years of grace!