Wednesday, November 14, 2007

How Mainstream Media Interprets the Divorce Debate Sparked by a CT Article

An Evangelical Rethink on Divorce? - TIME:

"Still, the controversy suggests that even the country's most rule-bound Christians will search for a fresh understanding of scripture when it seems unjust to them. The implications? Flexibility on divorce may mean that evangelicals could also rethink their position on such things as gay marriage, as a generation of Christians far more accepting of homosexuality begins to move into power. (The ever-active Barna folks have found that 57% of 'born-again' Christians age 16-29 criticize their own church for being 'anti-homosexual.') It could also give heart to a certain twice-divorced former New York mayor who is running for President and seeking the conservative vote. But that may be pushing things a bit."

I doubt anyone (Instone-Brewer, Kostenberger, Piper) who has participated in this debate is very happy with these conclusions!!