Friday, September 07, 2007

How to Give Religion Christian Burial

"Jesus Christ was always a busy man with his work, but never too busy to pray. The divinest of business filled his heart and filled his hands, consumed his time, exhausted his nerves. But with him even God’s work must not crowd out God’s praying. Saving people from sin or suffering must not, even with Christ, be substituted for praying, nor abate [decrease] in the least the time or the intensity of these holiest of seasons. He filled the day with working for God; He employed the night with praying to God. The day-working made the night-praying a necessity. The night-praying sanctified and made successful the day-working. Too busy to pray gives religion Christian burial, it is true, but kills it nevertheless."

- E.M. Bounds, The Complete Works of Bounds on Prayer, 259.

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