Tuesday, September 04, 2007

"Celebrity Preacher" Spottings

Both these guys would hate my post title... but you may want to catch some good preachers in Toronto this weekend. Thabiti Anyabwile is going to be preaching at Thistletown Baptist Church (Rexdale) [get a web page Kenny!] in the morning, if the rumours are true. And James White is scheduled to be preaching at Faith Baptist Church in Scarboro, both AM and PM.


  1. In response to your lovely plug for the best church in the GTA:

    1) The rumour is true. Pastor Anyabwile is joining us for our morning worship service and if anyone reading this has a Bible preaching church they normally attend, go there this Sunday OR bring your whole church along and join us.

    2) I know we need a website. I want a website. It's coming. It's just so hard to give up my eight track!!

  2. Kenny -
    I wasn't plugging Grace Fellowship Church... I was plugging the second best church in the GTA.
    Also, you're right. Everyone should go to their church...
    And as for you giving up your 8-tracks, especially your Elvis 8-tracks, let me just say I am shocked. I thought you were still using your gramophone. Way to upgrade, dude!