Thursday, August 16, 2007

Sometimes I Just Pretend This is Really Me!

New Jersey Devils re-sign defenceman Paul Martin to multi-year deal:

"'Paul Martin is an all-situations type of defenceman, and has developed into one of the more talented young players in the National Hockey League,' said general manager Lou Lamoriello"

[Anyway, it really impresses my kids on a Saturday night the Leafs play the Devils and they hear Bob Cole say, "Paul Martin finds the puck in the corner..."]

[[And strangely enough, I once DID play for a team called the Devils, up in Hanover, Ontario. The boys in that beer league used to call me "the priest." I led the team in penalty minutes. You should have heard those boys yapping at the refs about "throwing the priest in the box!"]]

[[[How much fodder do you need to mock me, Brooker?]]]


  1. I might have thought it was you until I read the part about, " of the more talented young players..."

  2. I'll just have to admit that every time I hear his name or read about him it brings you to mind. I must also confess that at times I've looked for headlines lke, "Paul Martin coughs puck up and costs team the game" or "Martin drops gloves and gets filled like a butter tart." But alas, I never found a good one. But that doesn't mean I'll stop looking. :-)