Monday, June 11, 2007

Considering Special Needs in Church: The girl talkers Take On Discussing Moms of Kids With Disabilities

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The girl talkers announced today that they intend to discuss moms of kids with special needs. What great timing ladies! I will be looking very much forward to this series.

From the teaser:

"On Mother’s Day, we offered encouragement to moms who were encountering trials of various kinds. While we couldn’t speak to everyone, there is a group of women we especially wanted to encourage. But we decided to wait until we could do it properly—or at least as best as we know how. So please join us this week as we talk to, honor, and learn from mothers of children with disabilities. We’re sure you’ll be inspired by their sacrifice and love for the precious children God has given to them."

HT: Eva Robinson

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  1. Thanks for the post!

    I look forwarding to hearing what they bring on this topic, much talked about of late.

    My wife is also very eager to read this...maybe even contribute to the discussion.