Thursday, June 14, 2007

Big Brother is Here? Eye-tracking device developed for billboards, screens

TORONTO (CP) - High-tech billboards and plasma screens are becoming more than just eye-catching - they're developing "eyes" of their own that can detect when people are looking and when they turn away.

This week a Canadian startup company is testing the technology in Kingston, Ont., where a 107-centimetre plasma screen has been outfitted with an eye-tracking sensor and positioned in front of a Tim Hortons restaurant on the Queen's University campus, says creator Roel Vertegaal.

Vertegaal predicts the palm-sized device, called an Eyebox2, could revolutionize the digital-signage industry by letting marketers know just how many people actually look at their ads.

What was that lame movie where Tom Cruise had to replace his eyeballs so he could hide from retinal scans? I "see" the connection now!

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