Monday, May 07, 2007


"Number One Son" had surgery today that ended up going great.

It made me so very thankful for modern medicine, Sick Kids Hospital (Toronto), my son, my wife, my family, my extended family, my church family... the list goes on and on.

But mostly what it made me thankful for was the grace of God. He is so very good and in that goodness he continues to bless my boy. We sure don't mind if you pray for him. I won't go into the medical details here, but like almost everything with him, it was a little more than anyone bargained for! But, His grace was sufficient yet again. Poor guy is doped and dopey... about ready to hit the sack for the night.
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  1. You boy's awesome as always Paul, and you're blessed to have him. Great kid, every time I've met him. Let's hope he accepts Jesus one day if he hasn't already. I'll definitely say some prayers for him. tell him i hope he recovers soon and that he gets well!

  2. Praying for you and your family, Paul.

  3. Oh yeah! I'm glad to hear your boy is doing okay. :) PTL for that!