Friday, May 11, 2007

Google Stinking Desktop!

Whenever it was GoogleDesktop came out, I installed it and loved it.

I have grown completely dependent on it... like a bean pole needs sunshine.

Then, on March 11, it stopped indexing.

I uninstalled. Re-installed. Joined discussion forums. Sent reports to Google. Threatened a multi-billion dollar lawsuit.


I am dying.

I have no memory. I know this (it is about all I can remember!). And I accept this. It has been this way since I scheduled a church musical when I was 16 and forgot to go - I was the Director. I work very hard at remembering things - I have all kinds of devices to aid my memory. GoogleDesktop was one such device. A vital device. A needed device. I am floundering without it!

This is a plea for help! Mercy! Aid! Assistance! Anything!!!!



  1. Maybe you forgot ... but I suggested deleting all emails from March 10-12. If they are important, you can back them up first.

    My best guess is that you have a corrupt email or Outlook PST file that GDS is choking on.

  2. Do you ever remember anything unaided?


  3. Ryan - you will need to tell me how to back up those files! [Maybe you could come over and do it for me... like those USB ports... :-) ]

  4. Hi Paul!
    I've heard that Google Desktop stops indexing files when you have less than 1 gigabyte of disk space on your primary hard drive. Could this be the problem?

  5. 104 gig of space left... that can't be it. Any other ideas?

  6. I'd bet that when you reinstall GDS it keeps the old index file from before. You could try forcing GDS to build a new index file by moving or deleting the old one.
    The index can be found in:
    c:\Documents and Settings\*yourUsername*\Application Data\Google\Google Desktop Search\

    Just rename the "Google Desktop Search" directory to something else, then restart GDS. Hopefully it will rebuild your whole index.

    Let me know if it works~!