Friday, May 11, 2007

Google Stinking Desktop!

Whenever it was GoogleDesktop came out, I installed it and loved it.

I have grown completely dependent on it... like a bean pole needs sunshine.

Then, on March 11, it stopped indexing.

I uninstalled. Re-installed. Joined discussion forums. Sent reports to Google. Threatened a multi-billion dollar lawsuit.


I am dying.

I have no memory. I know this (it is about all I can remember!). And I accept this. It has been this way since I scheduled a church musical when I was 16 and forgot to go - I was the Director. I work very hard at remembering things - I have all kinds of devices to aid my memory. GoogleDesktop was one such device. A vital device. A needed device. I am floundering without it!

This is a plea for help! Mercy! Aid! Assistance! Anything!!!!