Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Cowper on Snow (I am trying to encourage myself!)

I Will Praise the Lord at All Times
Winter has a joy for me,
While the Savior’s charms I read,
Lowly, meek, from blemish free,
In the snow–drop’s pensive head.

- William Cowper (Hymn 83, Olney Hymns)


  1. I take it you don't like snow? That is weird for a hockey fan. Snow means winter, and winter means hockey. They don't really understand that in those artificial arena's way down South, and that is why they will never really understand hockey. ;)

    BTW, I love snow and was really wondering if we would have enough so I could enjoy the winter. Things just are not right when I don't get to use my snowblower or four wheel drive. :)

  2. Jim -

    True confession.

    Seven and a half years in Southern California ruined me.

    My blood is thin.

    I still love hockey... but I love heat, too!!!

  3. If you liked Cowper's #83, you're gonna love Newton's #89:

    The Thaw

    The ice and snow we lately saw,
    Which covered all the ground;
    Are melted soon before the thaw,
    And can no more be found.

    Could all the art of man suffice
    To move away the snow,
    To clear the rivers from the ice,
    Or make the waters flow?

    No, ’tis the work of GOD alone;
    An emblem of the pow’r
    By which he melts the heart of stone,
    In his appointed hour.

    All outward means, till he appears,
    Will ineffectual prove;
    Though much the sinner sees and hears,
    He cannot learn to love.

    But let the stoutest sinner feel
    The soft’ning warmth of grace;
    Though hard as ice, or rocks, or steel,
    His heart dissolves apace.

    Seeing the blood which JESUS spilt,
    To save his soul from woe,
    His hatred, unbelief, and guilt,
    All melt away like snow.

    Jesus, we in thy name entreat,
    Reveal thy gracious arm;
    And grant thy Spirit’s kindly heat,
    Our frozen hearts to warm.

    [John Newton, Hymn 89, Olney Hymns]

    Or am I rushing the season? :)

    David Reimer

  4. Ah, yet another reason not to go south for a long period of time :)

    Jim Vellenga

  5. Hmm, I post Cowper on Monday--you post Cowper on Tuesday.

    I like it when people post Cowper--I find his words very biblical and encouraging.

  6. You're a hockey fan? I thought you said you were a Leafs fan. Something just doesn't add up here.

  7. DAvid - Thanks for 89! Is there a bad hymn in Olney? What a treasure!

    Pilgrim - Perhaps we ought to declare a Cowper week?

    Jim - I agree!!!!

    Don - If it were really you, you would agree with me, since you are just as much a fan of the blue and white as moi! Go feed Blue! (and thanks for the chuckle Darrin!!!)

  8. kerux, Don Cherry is as much a fan of the MakeBe Liefs as Don Carson is a premillenialist. Some things are necessary to be said to keep the job you like. :)