Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Top 10 Search Engine Referrals Awards for November 2006!

10. Strangest Connection to My Site: “Flashing Amber Power light on Del

9. Most Visually Revolting: “frog in freezer”

8. Most Odd Referent: “speaking of penguins”

7. Second Most Visually Revolting: “Mats Sundin love life”

6. “Wish Someone Had Told Me That Guy Was Already Dead” award: “who is Pastor Richard Baxter (Toronto Canada)”

5. Most Mellowing: “one day you will die”

4. Best Use of Anglicized Greek: “ego eimi hay anastasis kai hay zoe”

3. Most Linked to Post: “Bono is not a christian”

2. Most Obviously a Late-in-Semester Seminary Student: “mdiv useless”

And the #1 Best Of Show Search Phrase...: “turning 40 is cool”