Wednesday, December 06, 2006

An Old Neighbour - And My Current Ones

Hockey star mourned by hundreds

Toronto residents will be very aware of Michael Serba's murder last week. I have not said anything about this until now, but Mike grew up in the house next door to me. He was 15 years my junior, but we used to play ball hockey with him and his brother - and they were fine neighbours.

His sudden death after being attacked by a transient has reminded me of my own neighbours today. Life is short, even if God grants us "long life." I am praying that I become a better ambassador of the Good News - especially during the Christmas season - to those the Lord has sovereignly put around me. Too often I think my opportunities for the Gospel are endless.


  1. This is sad. What is more saddening to me though, is that the presiding Reverend Fijol could offer no hope, no sense of God's amazing superiority to our own sense of justice in his statements to the mourners:

    "This is probably the last thing we would ever expect to happen," Rev. Andrij Figol told the congregation. "Why did this happen? How could this happen to us now? Why him? Where's the justice?"

    I hope this is just a soundbite that was picked up by the news and that everyone who mourns their loss will be comforted in our great God whose ways are above our ways.

  2. Although, unfortunately hockey is one of the great gods of our Canadian society.