Saturday, December 02, 2006

Driscoll Demonstrates More Humble Orthodoxy

Count It All Joy | TheResurgence:

Mark Driscoll writes some very positive things in response to an upcoming protest planned against Mars Hill Church. These comments demonstrate a further step along a good trajectory.

"I learned that my theological convictions, even the most controversial ones, are as unwavering as ever. But I also learned that as my platform has grown, so has my responsibility to speak about my convictions in a way that invites other people to experience charity from me, which means inflammatory language and such need to be scaled back. I was also sad and sorry to hear that various things I have said over the years have been received very personally by some people who felt personally attacked. A female pastor had a very good insight: as my platform has grown, so has my audience, and that in some sense I need to consider myself the pastor of two churches. In Mars Hill where I labor as a pastor who deeply loves his people, they are gracious with my faults and flaws because they know me and they know of my love for them. But outside of Mars Hill, for those who do not know me or my pastoral affection for people, the perception of me can be very different. Therefore, I need to learn how to function most effectively in a new role as someone given a broader voice to speak for Jesus. There is much to learn."

Like it or not, Driscoll has gained a voice in America. I say, keep praying the Lord graciously leads this brother along. I am thankful for the evidence of God's work in Mark.