Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Shameless Plug?

This is an odd post to make. Sorry!

For the last few months we have been placing pdf versions of my sermons on our sermonaudio site. This entails a little bit of work by a few people, not the least of which is the dear heart who has to transcribe my hideous notes and compare that to the preached material! The thought behind all this effortis that it might be of some benefit to someone... but that is the part we are not sure about.

We are happy to keep doing this if it is a benefit, but if those manhours can be spent doing other things, we are glad to forget about and move on. So, I am posting this link to a page that will show you all the pdf's of my recent sermons from Romans and one from Ecclesiastes (an outline of the whole book). If there is any noticeable increase in the downloads, we will probably keep this work up. But if they stay at the small numbers they are at now, we will more than likely just stop posting them.

End of public service announcement! We just wanted you to know they were there if you wanted them.

[NOTE: It is from these notes that I have been building the series on "What to Do When You Disagree with a Brother." So, if you want to read ahead... now you know where to look! :-)]


  1. Hey Paul,
    Just wanted to tell you that although I don't have time to look at the Romans or Ecclesiastes notes right now, the Mark notes you e-mailed me were very helpful. I just finished my first major expository series through a book this past Sunday - 72 sermons through Mark. I read your notes from start to finish and was very thankful for them. At times they were brief, but helped me to see your break-up. And often there was an insight that was lacking in the commentaries I read. (As a side note, James R. Edwards' Pillar commentary on Mark was incredible; even better than Lane in my opinion, although the two were useful together; Morna D. Hooker's made a good but expensive doorstop in my study, Sinclair Ferguson's little one was very good, among others).

    So thanks for e-mailing the Mark notes to me. Do you have anything like this on Philippians? Lord willing, that's the series I will begin in January AM sermons!


  2. Please don't stop putting the audio versions of your sermons on-line. I live in Wisconsin and I look forward with much anticipation to hearing your sermons each week. I listen to lots and lots of sermons from all over the place and yours are the best I've found anywhere.

  3. jpaige,

    Don't worry. It is not about audio sermons... It is about the PDF document versions of the sermons. The audio sermons (in mp3 format) are going to be posted continuously, God's will.

  4. Paul,

    Not many people are interested in studying the word of God... I think the majority of Christians prefer to listen to the sermons and move on as we are living in the age of speed. Even to listen to the sermons during the week is hard to find time, what to say about reading the notes? If putting the sermons in PDF format requires lots of time than I would say that is better to publish PDF notes only once in a while just to keep in touch with the "market". We are to be accountable for efficiency of spending our time for the Kingdom.

  5. hey...I just discovered that you have your sermons done in PDF! Cool! I must admit, I would rather read a sermon than listen to it at my computer. :)

    Now i can understand not publishing them if it a real time waster with not a lot of feedback or usage.. but I do like them and appreciate them now that I've discovered them. :)

  6. In all honesty, I've never downloaded any of the sermons at all, (I found your blog, what, 1-2 weeks ago?) but now that I know I can read your sermons, when I have time (blasted homework), I will definitely look at a couple. I would usually rather read sermon or tmiscelaneous heology-type material then hear it, because then I can refer to it, think about it, have it ofr future reference, etc.

    I'll probably comment on this further once I have read at least one or two.

    Sincerely in Christ,
    Hidden One.

  7. Maybe putting the fact that the written sermons are available on the website (I could only find an audio sermon link) would help.

    (I did find them, though.)