Friday, November 17, 2006

Liveblogging the SGF... (that was just to bother Challies)

I am sitting here at the Sarnia Holiday Inn with my pal Tom having just returned from the first set of meetings of the Sovereign Grace Fellowship General Assembly. It has been a very good set of meetings so far with a very good message from David Daniels (head of the Toronto Jewish Mission).
Tom and I got in a little late since I had to teach this morning at TBS... and I preached on Romans 13 not too long ago. Meaning we drove 70 km/h for the last 10 km into town!
The afternoon meetings were not without some controversy, but what a great group of folks to work through disagreements with! Many were able to speak with clarity and forthrightness on both sides of the issue at hand - without falling prey to anger, divisiveness or factions. I have rarely seen this happen in a group, but it has happened with these brothers on more than one occasion. I am humbled and thankful to be joined with them in fellowship. The Biblical command to "be of one mind" does not mean that you have to agree about everything - but it does mean you have to seek to stay one in your differences of opinion. I think, if I might say so, that we got close to that tonight.
Kirk Wellum will lead the morning session as we seek to work out more specifically how it is we can structure ourselves to more effectively meet our stated goals. Pray for us, if you are able, as these kinds of discussions require attention, thought and a willingness to try new things. May the Lord give grace.
As we walked down the hall to our hotel room tonight, two guys and a girl walked past. That said hello then the young lady wheeled around and said, "Are you a pastor?" Turns out she has connections with Sovereign Grace Community Church here in Sarnia. One more reminder to love everyone you meet since you never know who they will be!