Saturday, November 04, 2006

About Ted...

I watched CNN's two interviews with Ted Haggard today.

In the first, Mr. Haggard denies everything, seems shocked at the allegations of homosexual sex and drug use, and even asks what is the name of his accuser.

In the second interview, this time with his wife (poor, dear woman) in the seat beside him in their car, he admits to knowing the male prostitute, calling him and buying meth from him. He denies he had a sexual relationship.

I don't think Ted Haggard planned on watching his life and ministry explode on national television. I doubt he got up every morning anxious to hook up with some male hooker. I really know nothing of the man (I'd never even heard of him before yesterday!) other than that he has the same enemy outpost in his heart as is in mine.

And no matter what else, here is what happens to a man who does not, by the Spirit's work, mortify the sinful flesh.

I say, weep over it. Weep over what you see. This is what sin does. This is you apart from grace. You know the evil intentions of your own heart better than anyone else. Oh, it may not be drugs and homosexual sex, maybe just sex with a prostitute or anger that dreams of murder or greed that results in idolatry of the heart. Everyone has their own preferred transgressions.

But, mark this. Sin aims at the uttermost and would kill us every time if it could. So, Christian, I say weep over what you see on your nightly news. Even if the worst allegations are proven false, still this preacher has stood before the world and lied. Look at how evil sin is and remember two things:

1. This is why Jesus died for you.

2. This is what sin will do every time. Give it no quarter!

"But put on the Lord Jesus Christ, and make no provision for the flesh, to gratify its desires."

[One Closing Thought for Pastors: Men, do you desire a large audience. Then take heed. Beg God to never put you in a place of influence unless He goes with you and protects you. And by all means, cry for mercy now for your own soul, and for Haggard's.]