Thursday, October 05, 2006

Al Mohler on 4D Ultasounds and Culture of Death

The View into the Womb is "Extraordinarily Dangerous?":

"Look closely at those statements. Dr. Donald Peebles says that what we see with our own eyes is an illusion. He fears that we will associate the fetal actions with 'adult movements' Actually, that is largely beside the point. No one is mistaking the fetus as an adult -- but those movements are recognizably and undeniably human, and that is the point.

That baby has been human from the moment of conception --the point of fertilization. As such, the baby deserves full protection and respect. Our eyes have now seen this baby at 12 weeks, and we see the revelation of who that baby really is -- one of us. This is one key reason why the abortion debate is on shifting ground -- and why the abortion rights movement is playing defense.

Amazingly, Dr. Peebles calls these images 'extraordinarily dangerous.' They are, of course, extraordinarily dangerous -- dangerous to the Culture of Death."

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