Friday, September 22, 2006

Manuscripts of Sermons

I have always written out my sermons with a pen and paper. There is something about the whole experience of ink on page that I love and helps me to transfer the fruit of my study to the pulpit. I cannot explain it. But there have been requests over the years for manuscripts, so I decided to switch to typing out sermons and preaching from - ichabod - a printed page.

It has been a bit of a transition for me, but I am determined to stay at it for a time and see if I can swing over all that I love about the handwritten page into the other format.

Bored yet?

Anyway, the reason for this has been to make available to you, the reading public(!), more stuff to read! So, if you click on the link above it will take you to our first few samples. I would be most interested in knowing what you think. A loud silence would be wonderful, since then I could go back to my old ways of writing things out and sticking them in a drawer! But if this aids in helping to understand the Word, I am willing to keep at it.

There is a great sermon there by Tom Gee, too. You should listen to it, as well, but I also recommend giving it a read.