Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Don't Feed the Animals

If you are like me you use some nifty RSS reader to watch your favourite blogs. I have about 40 or so that I peruse (only 18 daily) and the reader lets me know when a new post has appeared (saves all that time clicking around to view different sites and see if anything new is there).
I have been using Wizz Reader 2.1.5 for a while now and it works mostly great - although I have had some stalls since the last upgrade. It is a free extension for Firefox and can sit as a sidebar by your open browser window.
Unfortunately, blogger seems to have some issues with their feeds. I am forever losing Justin's site, and the Pyro's have dumped off a few times. This week, my RSS feed seems to have tanked and the only way I could watch my own site was by switching over to an Atom 2.0 feed.
I really don't know what any of this means other than it might get me blogspotted by my old pastor's editor if he is really hard up for links. Maybe the said editor could explain to me what it is that is happening?!
Anyway, if you are a regular to this site who uses a Reader, you will have thought I stopped posting a while ago. But I am here and I am posting.... it's just that you don't know it. Which in many ways makes this like I am talking about you behind your back.
And check your feeds...