Monday, June 26, 2006

Happy Birthday to Toronto's CN Tower (NOT the space needle!!!) Toronto's CN Tower celebrating 30th birthday:

"Those who had a part in designing and building the CN Tower didn't think it would reign as the world's tallest for as long as it has, but that record could be surpassed when the current Burg tower in Dubai is completed.

Officials of that structure won't reveal the target height, but promise it will shatter any existing record. The tower is expected to top 700 metres. It passed 50 storeys this month (the CN Tower is 181 storeys tall)."

I was 9 years old and captivated by the tower when the final pieces reached the top - my name is still up there! (I am so famous!) A neighbour took me and his son down to a park where you could sign your name on the last 4 sections (before they were lifted by helicopter, one by one, to the top - with some whacked dude clinging to the tower to connect them!)

Mock it if you will, but it is certainly better than this and filled a young mind with months of fascination!

Happy Birthday, Old Friend!