Saturday, May 06, 2006



The EXAMININGEMERGENT blog has been an interesting experiment. There were well over 2000 unique visitors to the site in the first two weeks (then my free counter went "not free" and stopped working!). The folks leaving comments have boiled down to a group of 7-1o. I should put another counter on there to see what the traffic is now.

The full content of the paper has been published in sections and now I am beginning the appendices. I am curious to see what kind of response these get. The comments so far have really clarified what are the major differences.

There have been some good correctives. There have also been some lame accusations.

Soon I am going to blog about the one big lesson this process has taught me... about blogging in particular.

If you have not read much of the paper I would encourage you to think of reading the section on one proposed solution.