Sunday, April 30, 2006

T4G: Quotes

Here are some of my favorite quotes from the conference... I include the message number or panel number in brackets afterwards. (They are from my rough notes, so I hope they are fairly accurate!)

Mark Dever: "We are fallen enough that we can have a clean conscience and be wrong." (1)

Mark Dever: "True ministers of Christ are happy to be despised if Christ is glorified." (1)

Lig Duncan: "There is only one way to God, but many ways to Christ." (2)

Al Mohler: "Sinners sinning ought not to surprise us!" (3)

Al Mohler: "The problem of us pre-exists all the problems that have happened to us." (P1)

R. C. Sproul: "We are not justified by the doctrine [of justification by faith] or by believing it, but by believing on Christ!" "All that he is and all that He has is mine for the rest of eternity." (4)

Al Mohler: "No one is justified by affection for Christ." "The problem is that we reduce sin to sins. The most insignificant sin ruins the cosmos." (P2)

John Piper: "[The preaching mantle] is soaked in the blood of Christ and singed by the fire of hell." (5) [Discussing what was at stake when we preach the Gospel.]

John Piper: "People are changed the way God wants them to be changed - by seeing His glory... the pastor's job is to make God's glory seen." (5)

John Piper: "A preacher must have the gift of contagen... otherwise his demeanour lies about the text." (P3)

C. J. Mahaney: [In his opening prayer before preaching.] "We know that prayer is not overcoming any reluctance in You..."
"Our character must be more persuasive than our speech."
"There is no pastoral privelege in relation to sin - If you don't watch, you will weaken!"
"You cannot effectively watch yourself by yourself." [This led to that wonderful "cream cheese moment" illustration.]
"Past attention [on our personal sin] is not enough for now or the future."(6)

John MacArthur: [Describing the benefits of expositional preaching.] "You will get a church full of Christians!" (7)