Tuesday, February 21, 2006

SiGaPuF (more on the Artist Formerly Known as FRiPS)

We had a great meeting yesterday with a paper entitled, “Helping the Backslider” presented by Roger Fellows.

I love Roger’s writing as he is always concise, logical and he illustrates wonderfully. Three things I don’t have the foggiest idea how to do! Anyway, Rog read through the paper, we loaded up on coffee and doughnuts and the question period began. There were many engaging portions of this discussion, but my favorite part was when many men gave practical ideas on how they had accomplished systematic pastoral visitations over the years. This is where FRiPS or SiGaPuF or whatever it is called really shines! You get nothing but cream... except for that Davis fellow talking off in the corner... but otherwise they are all great suggestions.

Two of my students were there (where were the rest of you laddy’s?) and a strong showing from churches all over southern Ontario.

I won’t tell you the best thing that I learned – that would make for way too much public accountability! But, if you had been there you would know what it is – since I asked the question.

I am so thankful the Lord has blessed me with a fine group of godly men to fellowship with and learn from. If we are too far away for you to join us, why not start your own group... and start with a name that works well as an acronym!

REAL – reformed, energetic and loving?
TEP – Thoughtful, evangelical pastors?
CAPS – Calvinistic and pastoral studies?

I guess there is a reason no one lets me name things...