Saturday, February 25, 2006

James White Email Exchange with Falwell's Ergun Caner

Alpha and Omega Ministries, The Christian Apologetics Ministry of James R. White: "The Intellectual Pit Bull of the Evangelical Church? Correspondence Between James White and Ergun Caner"

If you have the time to read it, this is a remarkable display of the usual "logic" of Arminian thinkers. Caner demonstrates a complete lack of understanding in history, theology, logic, and credible debate. He refuses to discuss the issues and resorts to continual "playground defenses" like "I won't play with you because you're just going to win anyway!" In that sense, he openly admits defeat.
I think it is helpful to read something like this for several reasons:
1. It shows how easy it is to think through issues emotionally, not Biblically.
2. It demonstrates the absolute need of the grace of God in giving eyes to see and ears to hear... and the results of that not happening.
3. It exposes the pathetically shallow level of scholarship of some "big name" schools like Liberty University.
4. It prompts us to pray for the opposite of all three!

HT: Steve Camp