Thursday, December 01, 2005

Toronto Evangelical Bloggers Brunch

Toronto Evangelical Bloggers Brunch
The fisherman (a.k.a. Ian Hugh Clary) has posted an invite to all Toronto-area evangelical bloggers to meet for brunch on Saturday, January 21st. He suggests the Burlington/Oakville area... hmmm, not so sure how G T A that is... but I will defer!
All you GTA bloggites will hopefully be there!!
Tim Challies and Michael Haykin are scheduled to say a few words. Ian might get a full GTA Bloggers Store set up by the sounds of it, too!
See you there, d.v.!!


  1. I cannot think of anything that is as ludicrously nerdy and at the same time as wickedly awesome as this. It is almost hard to believe that something like this could take place. But its on the internet so it must be true...
    ps. I am never changing my template. Mainly because you hate it. Thanks for the comments too. I think I'll keep doing this blog stuff.

  2. I wish I could be there, unfortunately it's too far.

  3. I was thinking of setting up the store out of your home. Maybe sell of your library??? ;)
    It seems that Carla Rolfe won't be able to make it for the 21st, so I'm thinking of moving the brunch up one weekend. Is that cool with your schedule??

    Nathan: Where do you live?

  4. LOL, Josh, amen on the template. But dude, what in the world is going on with your blog right now???

  5. Son of Man and Fighter Jet (a.k.a. "JLF81"):
    From now on I will not be reading your blogs, so please email me all your posts. My eyes hurt.

    With no offence intended toward Carla, I wonder if MGH's and Challies' schedules should dictate date? January looks very open to me, but I would check with them first.

    Son of Man,
    Although I was going to look at your blog one last time... but it is whacked! Did you mess with the template - 'cause it messed!