Friday, October 07, 2005

October Thanksgiving (What I Love About Canada #382)

It is harvest time.

I had fresh apple sauce today from a friend's apple tree (well, their kitchen actually, but you know what I mean!).

The flowers in my garden are finishing off their wonderful summer of blooming.

My point is - why do American's celebrate Thanksgiving at the end of November? You mean to tell me that is when the Pilgrim's invited the Indians over?

I love Canada - we thank God while the food is fresh!


  1. We celebrate at the end of November to remind us that even when the food is rotted or gone, God is still worthy of our thanks. We're sooo much more spiritual than you Northerners! Jest kiddin'.

    I'd say any time is the right time.

  2. derifter,
    I don't know, brother!
    I drove to Boise, Idaho once for "American Thanksgiving" and all we had to thank the Lord for was black ice in Utah and snow in Boise! I really think you guys should petition the President for an intelligent date change. Think of how LONG it is from Labour (sorry, "Labor") Day to Thanksgiving! You are killing your youth stuck in schools with no break for 3 months!!!
    Learn from the Northerners - chill out mid-October and enjoy the leaves!
    Then again, there is something in the Bible about "giving thanks for everything all the time..."

  3. Then again the Canadians are a week after the Germans who celebrate the first Sunday in October.

  4. Keroux,

    Thanks for catching your spelling "errour" in the above comment. I would've felt funny courrecting you.

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

  5. deriphter,


    you americans...

    kay rukes


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