Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Is the Bible Determinative? - Part I

As reformed evangelicals, we often speak of our high view of Scripture – especially in determining our thoughts about God and life. But saying that the Bible is our source of light and direction in this life is one thing – and living it can be quite another.

I propose to ask you three questions that I asked the student body of Toronto Baptist Seminary a couple of weeks ago. I will ask one question, but in three different ways or, if you like, as three concentric circles that share the same centre. Essentially, what I am asking is this: “Is the Bible determinative in your life?”

1. Is the Bible determinative in your heart?

Does the Scripture work upon your “inner man,” shaping your thinking, feeling, and internal living? Hypocrisy always seems to be a half-step away for the Christian, and it begins with an unwillingness to be directed by the plain thrust of the Scriptures in our hearts (see Mark 7). We need to carefully think if the Bible determines our thoughts, imaginations, fantasies, feelings and the like. Does the Word of God speak to my inner man and direct me from there?

Parts II and III to follow...

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