Saturday, September 24, 2005

Lost in wonder, love and grace

tomgee's blog
For some reason, I keep forgetting to put a link on my page to the tomgee's blog. There are some wonderful posts there and you ought to take a look. Sorry for the delay in getting you on my blogroll, tomgee! Hope to fix that tonight!

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  1. Thanks, Paul!

    I'd like to say that I am not at all affected by whether or not anyone drops by my blog.

    Except that would be a lie! :-)

    (But I never checked more than twice a day or so to see if anyone came by. Well, maybe not more than twice an hour. :-)

    Sigh. Pride comes in many forms. All of them dreadful.

    Thanks for the reference, Paul. And I'm really looking forward to tomorrow! It's a joy to hear deep, thorough, impassioned exposition of God's marvelous book!