Thursday, September 22, 2005

Bible Centre - One Well-Loaded Website!

Bible Centre
I just found this site for the first time - have you seen it?
A great stash of some excellent research materials. Owning the book is always better (in my mind), but if you can't afford or find it, here is a great place to get your information!
Some highlights of available materials:
* F C Keil & F Delitzsch - Commentary on the Old Testament (10 volumes)
* Gerhard Kittel, Gerhard Friedrich - The Theological Dictionary of the New Testament (10 volumes)
* Colin Brown - New International Dictionary of New Testament Theology
* Brown, Driver, & Briggs - Complete Hebrew-English Lexicon
* J H Thayer - Greek-English Lexicon (unabridged)
* International Standard Bible Encyclopedia
* Walter Elwell - Evangelical Commentary on the Bible
* Walter Elwell - Evangelical Dictionary of Biblical Theology
* Walter Martin - Kingdom of the Cults
* Philip Schaff - History of the Christian Church (8 volumes)
* Flavius Josephus - Complete Works
* Andrew R Fausset - Bible Dictionary
* Robert Dabney - Systematic Theology
* Charles G Finney - Lectures on Theology
* Jacob Arminus - Complete Works
* John Calvin - The Institutes

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  1. Just some FYI on Bible Centre, it is being threatened by publishers for making copyrighted material freely available. Here's proof.