Thursday, September 08, 2005

Katrina Ruins Darwinism

I found this paragraph from today's Chuck Colson's Breakpoint particularly insightful:

"So, in watching this [mercy by others to the displaced of Katrina], we saw altruism at its best. Altruism is the one characteristic of human behavior that destroys a key element of Darwin's theory of evolution: that is, natural selection. According to natural selection, we would allow a disaster to weed out the unfit, the weak, and the poor—anyone who could not contribute to society. But Americans, because of our Christian heritage—a heritage that remains strong no matter how secular the nation becomes—do not behave this way. We carry our wounded off the field of battle. We risk our lives to rescue strangers. We offer food and shelter to the stranger's child—even to prisoners. And when we do, Darwin is disproved."