Thursday, September 08, 2005

Imminent Death or Glory in Romans 8

Paul describes those who live in the realm of the flesh (unbelievers) as being, literally, “about to die” (8:13). He is referencing, of course, the imminent, eternal destruction in hell of everyone who does not repent and believe on Jesus Christ for salvation. Their life is a continual, urgent state of “about to die.”

On the other hand, those in the realm of the Spirit (Christians) who love Jesus in this life – even though enduring colossal sufferings – are, eagerly waiting for a glory that is, literally, “about to be revealed” (8:18)

Life is short, in other words, and our transfer to the eternal realm is going to come faster than we ever dreamed. In that light, what is your status? Are you about to die or about to inherit glory (better: “inherit God”)?

We are fools to live for what is short, transient and temporal.

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