Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Criticizing Pastors

A glance through my blog’s entries of the last few months made me wonder if I was some kind of “Pastor-basher.” Negative critiques of the clown pastor, the Elvis pastor and the “I Don’t Know” pastor make it look like I am on some kind of crusade!

Far from it.

My passion is for the glory of God – and one of the primary ways God’s glory is seen is in the faithful proclamation and living out of the Word of God.

My point in highlighting these three was to try and set in bold relief the distinction between what is acceptable and what is not in the eyes of God. These are confusing, watery and shifty days we live in and I am more convinced than ever that specific statements of what is true and what is false are necessary in order to help us think clearly.

Our scheming Enemy’s primary weapon against the church is un-Truth – and the saint’s defense against his attacks begins with the “belt of Truth.” The church needs to be a encompassed, supported and held together by Truth. (See Ephesians 6!)

Of course the world is attacking the very notion that anything can be truly “known.” The world is opposed to God and Satan himself brought his first successful attack against humanity by questioning the veracity of God. If Truth cannot be known, then “every man will do what is right in his own eyes.”

These foolish men who do not preach nor stand for Truth are (unwittingly perhaps) being used to further erode the true progress of the gospel.

I expect some will find those statements judgmental and narrow. You are welcome to comment!