Wednesday, January 07, 2015

No Week of Prayer? Really?

I often wonder how churches survive without a Week of Prayer. It is, for me, the highlight of our church year. What can be better than seeking God with all your friends every night of the week?
And how can any church move forward into a New Year with any spiritual confidence if they have not sought God?

I am too old to think that a “Week of Prayer” is the only way to pray. And I fully believe each church is capable of pursuing intimacy and dependence on God in its own way. What I cannot conceive of is a prayerless church.
So far we have spent one night in confession of sin and the second in thanksgiving. My heart is bursting with praise to God after these two nights and I can hardly wait for tonight to come when we will ask God to save every unconverted person we can think of. And why not? He is the greatest good in the universe and to know Him is to know joy to the uttermost. We want every person in the world to know Him.
If you are one of the very few members of Grace Fellowship Church who has not been able to make it out to one of these nights yet, then clear your calendar and get in here. Don’t miss what God is doing.

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