Thursday, January 29, 2015

GFC Speaks: How To Make Your TAG Great!

Last Sunday night I invited members to help me create a Top 10 list answering the question of how to make a Truth Application Group (TAG) great. We start TAG's this coming Sunday night, so I am publishing their list here for our mutual encouragement. I thought every one of these points was great! (Rotten members though, they wouldn't stop at 10...)

The Top 10 13 Ways to Make Your TAG GREAT!

1.              Arrive early.

2.              Decide right now to attend every single meeting.

3.              Participate in discussions.

4.              Sign up to bring refreshments and actually bring them.

5.              Be a proactive listener – don’t drift!

6.              Become genuinely interested in other people.

7.              Jot down prayer requests and actually pray.

8.              Be transparent and willing to share.

9.              Be specific when you answer questions, identify personal sins or give glory to God.

10.           Be in the Word during the week and stay engaged with the preached Word on Sunday morning.

11.           Think through your week and the discussion questions prior to arriving to your TAG.

12.           Consider how to make your Mini-TAG great.

13.           Don’t be afraid of the silence and be willing to embrace awkward moments for the Gospel’s sake.

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