Thursday, January 16, 2014



Not for Thyself, Thy pity and Thy fears,
Not for Thyself, Thy sympathy, Thy tears-
Only for others were Thy comforts spent;
Only for others Thy compassions lent.
This secret virtue, self-forgetfulness,
This generous power to succor and to bless
By reason of an inward liberty,
Give it to me, my Lord, give it to me!

Now, by Thy grace, I do contemn, refuse
That deadly vice, self-pity. I would use
Strength that Thou givest, pity’s gracious power
For others only. Grant me from this hour
To be aware of Agag, though he be,
Like Agag, walking very delicately.
Help me to rise and smite him down and slay,

And spare him not. Away with him—away!

- Amy Carmichael 

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