Friday, September 13, 2013

8 Reasons to Always Attend a Baptism Service (especially when it is not your baptism service!)

Why are baptisms important? Especially when you are not the one getting dunked?

1. Every baptism reminds us of our own and the promises we made to Christ on that day.

2. Standing with those getting baptized is a very visible support of their faith and a kind of silent promise that we are with them in following Jesus.

3. Watching a baptism dramatizes for us the four major things that happened when God saved us:
- our sins were washed away
- we were buried with Christ in His death
- we were raised with Christ to newness of life
- we are guaranteed to pass through the coming judgment safely

4. Whether you are getting baptized or watching a baptism, you are humbled. Nothing points out our need for cleansing and new life quite like being immersed in waters by another.

5. Every baptism gives a lot of attention to Jesus and the Gospel. You will hear people explain how God saved them in this world and you will be refreshingly reminded that real people are really getting converted in real time.

6. Seeing someone baptized lights a fire under our evangelistic efforts – God saved them, why can’t He save more?

7. Baptisms clarify things in the life of a local church. What really matters is God gaining glory as men and women are saved from their sins.

8. Related to the point above, baptisms increase church unity. They remind us all of Who saved us, Who keeps us and Who really runs the church. It is difficult to be divisive and cranky at a baptism service!

For these reasons and more, I think you should decide now to attend every baptism service at your local church. There is too much grace to be missed if you don't.

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