Thursday, March 08, 2012

Bring Your Child With Disabilities to Church With You

Show up and prepare somebody else for this life (and maybe save a life while doing so) « The Works of God:

I think everything my friend John Knight writes is important, but I really appreciated this little section in his article interacting with Mark Leach's piece...

"I know church can be hard, but if at all possible, show up.  Attempting to ‘do’ church with a child with disabilities is complicated, sometimes frustrating, and even overwhelming.  Yet the very presence of our families makes a difference!  When Paul was really little and we returned to church, I watched one family from afar who have a child with Down syndrome.  I never even approached them. Paul doesn’t have Down syndrome, but just knowing there was another dad walking around with a disabled child was a comfort.  It was only recently that I had the chance to tell that dad the impact he had. 
Our children matter, and people can see that when we show up with all our complications and embarrassing behaviors and strange noises.  And by doing so we help plant different seeds in people’s minds."

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