Friday, February 03, 2012

Winners to the Great Image of God CD Giveaway Announced!!

I am happy to announce the winners to the Great Image of God CD Giveaway!!  In first place comes Mr. Dave Theobald, an old friend with some serious extra time on his hands. Dave put together a lovely little letter using a bunch of Christa’s earlier song titles. That was original and I and daughter #2 decided it deserved to win.

My friends have been telling me about Christa’s new EP Image of God. They’ve been like, it’s “Amazing” and it’s “All that you need!” And when I read your interview with Christa, it made me want it "all the more."

Second place was a little harder to decide, but in the end the CD will go to Daniella. Her letter was overflowing with excitement and the thought of making anybody dance around their kitchen and family room, well, that was just too good to pass by.

I'd so love a copy, any copy, any CD, of Christa's music so I can sing loud over dishes and dance in praise while I vacuum…

Thanks to all our participants and be sure to download your own copy of Christa Well’s and Nicole Witt’s Image of God.  You will be blessed!

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  1. Man! I would have danced around my kitchen and family room if only I had known!