Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Top 10 Ways to Make Your TAG Great!

Sunday night will be the start of what we call TAG's at Grace Fellowship Church. TAG's are Truth Application Groups - small group meetings of members of the church in homes every Sunday night where we seek to work the truth we are learning on Sundays into the warp and woof of our daily life.
TAG's are a big thing around our church. Members love them. So, to get us ready for a new season of TAG (they run from January through May) I wrote out a Top 10 list of ways to make a TAG great. A bunch of folks have emailed asking for that list so I thought I would post it here.

10.            Sit beside someone new every week.

9.            Help your leader. Try to take as much off their plate as  you can by organizing childcare, food, weekly email, etc.

8.            Look for one truth in every Sunday morning sermon to work into your life – that way you are TAGging even before you get to TAG!

7.            Decide now you love your TAG – why give the Devil any opportunity?

6.            Commit each week as you reach for the front door to godly openness.

5.            Take your nap in the afternoon, not at TAG.

4.            Expect God to work – maybe He doesn’t for you because you are a doubter?

3.            Come ready to give. To give by opening your life to others or by graciously looking into thiers.

2.            Pray! Pray for your TAG,  your TAG members, your TAG effectiveness, etc.

1.            Never miss. Attendance is everything. Be there.

0.            If you are in my group – I like lemon loaf!

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